Reader's View: Trump all about short-term gains for a few

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One hundred years ago, publisher Marcus Garvey's back-to-Africa movement encouraged black Americans to leave our nation and sail away with him to Liberia in western Africa. A few signed up and waved goodbye to Lady Liberty as they headed east. President Donald Trump seems cut from the same cloth. Both used our ongoing race relations as a means to secure a financial benefit. Garvey got a few greenbacks, whereas Trump seems to be searching for a more lucrative form of wealth: political. As long as he continues to look as if he's trying his best to “make America great again,” his political profits will explode. Separating immigrant children from families at our border, building walls, or encouraging duly-elected American citizens of color to shape up or ship out pay rich dividends. Add his willingness to support tax breaks for the ultra rich, restrict abortion rights, ignore climate issues, and recommend conservatives to the Supreme Court, and you can clearly see how his business background colors everything he touches. I believe he views himself not as president of the United States but as president of a company called Trump & Associates, with his supporters shareholders who wear red caps and pray to God he gets another four years. The only thing Trump asks from them is their willingness to ignore his personal lifestyle while he works at building up theirs. The cost-benefit ratio to his financial presidency is what we're discussing as a nation. As a natural-born shareholder, I see short-term gain for a few at the expense of long-term gain for the many. It's time for him to be shown the exit door.
Dave Griffin


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