Reader's View: Trump a pauper without socialism

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I completely agreed with the March 27 letter concerning socialism in the United States. The letter made a good point when listing the various ways socialism is embedded in our nation. Our country would be unrecognizable without socialism. Imagine not receiving mail because the capitalist company didn’t think it would be profitable to provide service in your neck of the woods. Don’t even try to imagine the nightmare of a private, for-profit, mercenary military force.

Even our President Donald Trump, despite his numerous complaints, is a firm believer and supporter of socialism. Trump devastates a sector of the farming industry with his China trade war, then implements a socialist policy of grants to the farmers that have been hurt by his actions. His attorney general even proposed taking a financial interest in American technology companies to compete against China. Nationalizing companies is socialism, pure and simple.

Personally, I like certain aspects of socialism. It’s a comfort to know I can rely on the military medical system to meet my needs instead of trying to get by with an insurance company that will do whatever it takes to increase its profit margin. Think about it: If it wasn’t for socialized medicine, who would take care of our troops wounded on the battlefield?

It’s not simply the little guy who benefits when it comes to socialism. When our banking system collapsed during the 2008 crisis, big-government socialism stepped in and saved the day when capitalism failed. This happens again and again. For example, when the businesses owned by Trump fail, the government steps in and prevents creditors from taking all his money.

In my honest opinion, if not for socialism, Trump would be a pauper.


James N. Bragge

North Las Vegas, Nevada

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