Reader's View: Todays’ students will get us through

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Just one of many concerns I have facing the pandemic is the effect it has on the children. The stay-at-home order, the threat of sickness, the fear they see in their parents. A letter on April 8, by a Denfeld High School senior (Reader’s View: “ Students stuck with loads of questions ”), was well-written. I took from it the frustration the pandemic has created, with all the hopes and dreams of the Class of 2020 being canceled.

Over the history of our country things have happened to create this same kind of thing, including floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. I graduated in 1965. What was waiting for our class was the draft and the Vietnam War. Many of the Class of 1965 never came home. This gives no comfort to the Class of 2020, I am sure.

What I hope to say to the Class of 2020 is that every effort will be put forth to get them as much of what will make their final year memorable. Educators and parents know full well what this means to them and will do their best to make it happen. I know the students will be there to make it happen as well.

What students are going through, what the country and the world is going through, will go down in history as one of the most important times ever. It will take today’s younger generation the type of effort that got us through world wars and 9/11. They will be called upon to save the world from anything like this happening again. The education they are receiving and will yet take on will be crucial to the survival of mankind.

In the darkest of times there is a light. Be the light.


Walter Bruley


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