Reader's View: Ticket those who don’t shovel sidewalks

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Instead of squeezing money out of hard-working citizens in Duluth for parking infractions, why don't we use our city’s parking-enforcement team to ticket people who don't keep the sidewalks clear in front of their properties? We could also utilize the Clean and Safe Team

Especially rental properties. Landlords are legally responsible for shoveling, the same as the owners of single-family homes. Yet the city of Duluth doesn't enforce this ordinance.

My Chester Park neighborhood is a prime example. On any given day, you will see people carrying groceries and being forced to walk in the street because the sidewalk’s aren't maintained. This is especially dangerous at night in the middle of the block without street lighting.

The safety of Duluth citizens should be a priority over parked cars. Our parking-enforcement team would be better perceived by the public having a hand in this issue as well.

Robert Oliver



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