Reader's View: This lion doesn’t sleep at night

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Remember that wonderful African folk song that topped the charts in 1972, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight?" The song was recorded by a group called The Tokens, and it still sends chills up my spine: “A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, the lion sleeps tonight." And, "Rest my darling, just sleep my darling, the lion sleeps tonight."

The Zulu tribe of South Africa, from whence this song evolved, were obviously traumatized by a rogue lion that ravaged their village occasionally. Perhaps they sang during lulls from its attacks while enjoying the campfires set to keep the lion at bay. Obviously the lyrics calmed them to sleep peacefully. They were not much different from us: loved their families and toiled daily to feed them and keep them safe.

The lion still exists, however, stalking our villages and preying on the vulnerable among us. He is evil, insidious, and pervasive as he goes about his business, dragging his victims to his lair through drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness, and suicide. This beast is in competition with our almighty God for our souls and, with the advent of secularism, is gaining the upper hand.

As traditional, God-fearing lifestyles are being trashed, things like family, respect for life, God’s blessings, and work ethic are being trashed, too. Unlike the lion in the song, this beast never sleeps and is not afraid of fires. The only thing he is afraid of is God almighty. Yes, God can protect us from him.

It is never too late to be free from the lion. Read the gospel of Matthew in the New Testament and the 23rd Psalm in the Old Testament. Watch church on TV, listen to gospel music on the radio, say some prayers every day, and take it from there. Give it a try; begin today.


Dennis Cooke


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