Reader's View: Think before donating to a candidate

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I have heard criticism of Michael Bloomberg’s bypassing of the first states to declare the candidates for the nomination of the presidential ticket. Some, particularly those supporting the self-declared “socialist” candidate Bernie Sanders, say that Bloomberg is trying to “buy” the Democratic Party nomination. What else does it take? Common-sense proposals that are able to be passed? Sen. Amy Klobuchar is one of those who has a particular vision of what policies are not only possible but also electable.

To take the real money out of the politics of the day, I have a proposal: Stop the transfer of political war chests from one candidate to another. If I send money to a particular candidate, I expect it to go to that candidate’s campaign, not to another candidate entirely. Funds I want to go to the decisions of the party nominee and his or her campaign I would designate to the Democratic Party itself — or transferred from the political candidate of one that drops out to the general campaign fund.

Think before you donate. If you really want to take the money out of politics, consider my proposal.

Daniel Curry



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