Reader's View: The ‘right to defend yourself’ a slippery slope

The privileged (mostly white people) tap into the “right to defend themselves” more than people of color do.

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A hundred years ago, Blacks in the South would have had every right to defend themselves against white terrorism, but would it have been a good idea for Blacks in the South back then to take up arms? Probably not, because the white man would have then used his “right to defend himself” as justification to carry out race massacres like the one in Tulsa.

Is there a more slippery slope than the old “right to defend yourself”? Because once the bullets and rockets start flying, it has nothing to do with truth or justice, it simply comes down to who is best at exercising their “right to defend themselves.”

The privileged (mostly white people) tap into the “right to defend themselves” more than people of color do. This is because white people have the most lethal and effective weaponry, so then they don’t have to worry about any real dangerous blowback or violence when they do exercise their right to defend themselves. This process continues to unfold in the Middle East as the US “defends itself '' against defenseless Muslims.

Washington uses the “right to defend” in a very corrupt manner. President Joe Biden tells us Israel has a right to defend itself, but Bush, Cheney, and Biden in 2003 used Iraqis and their right to defend themselves against the Iraqi people, used it as bogus evidence that Iraqis were “in war” with the US — when all it really was, was Iraqis exercising the same right Biden granted Israel.

What else created the fake Iraq and Afghan wars — other than people exercising their right to defend themselves.


Frank Erickson


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