Reader's View: The goal is theocracy, not democracy

Such racism is a sickness in and of itself and also a useful tool in divide-and-conquer politics.

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In 1920, women were granted the right to vote. Three years later, the first version of an Equal Rights Amendment was introduced to Congress. From then until now, no ERA has ever been ratified. In 1973, women were granted the freedom to control their own reproductive systems. In 2022, that freedom was nullified by the Supreme Court, and some back-to-the-dark-ages jurists are even questioning the right to practice contraception. Contraception! In 2022!

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, outlawing discrimination, was passed only 100 years after the end of slavery; 58 years later, people of color are still targeted with Jim Crow-style voter suppression by Republicans, and teaching America’s white-supremacist history is being outlawed in some states. Such racism is a sickness in and of itself and also a useful tool in divide-and-conquer politics.

In 2015, same-sex couples were allowed to marry nationwide. Imagine that. In the land of liberty and justice for all, gays are considered equal human beings under the law. Or at least until the next lurch toward theocracy by fascist Republicans and the extreme-right Supreme Court.

So-called Christian dominionists are America’s version of the Taliban. They want a theocracy, not a democracy, and they consider their interpretation of their religion to be the only law under which Americans should live. Every queer and female knee shall bend. Every secular (oh, horrific word!) institution shall bow before the mythologies of ancient desert tribes.

What writer Chris Hedges calls “Christian fascism” seems to dovetail nicely with Republicans’ current assault on democracy and majority rule. Their “one, true” political party cannot win a rational debate, so they exploit the irrationalities of their “one, true” religion to motivate people.


Today they come for the freedoms of women, LGBTs, and people of color. Tomorrow they’ll come for the rest.

David A. Sorensen


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