Reader's View: Texas town shows that walls work

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Regarding the Jan. 24 letter, “ Learn about walls before supporting one ,” Brownsville, Texas, is an illegal-immigration nightmare and an example of what’s happening along our borders.

Walls work. End of story.

Maps show fences in and by Brownsville. Fully functioning walls are desperately needed everywhere there — and elsewhere!

Authorities there practically just let illegals go — and at your expense. The border facility is, by its own definition, a “conduit to facilitate their journey. … Border Protection has given released migrants a ticket to a new town, … and city staff and nonprofits are providing them cell phones, contact families, and … tickets to travel to relatives.” These are illegal aliens given a taxpayer free ride into mainstream America. Where's President Donald Trump and immigration law enforcement? Wouldn't America’s disadvantaged like as much?

One would think the city and authorities would use all their scarce funds to benefit American citizens. Nope! They spend lots on non-Americans, impoverishing Americans. Goodbye environment and habitats.


The city’s doing poorly. Its per-capita income is $15,495 compared to Texas’ $30,143. Its percentage in poverty is 31 compared to Texas’ 14.9.

The letter claimed few illegals cross, but facts say otherwise. The number in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas is soaring. About 1,000 are being apprehended each day. About 2,000 into three cities in the area: McAllen, Brownsville, and Harlingen. Brownsville City Manager Noel Bernal said 300 on a daily basis, as CNN reported in April.

The Border Protection facility in Brownsville is at 174% capacity with 5,355 people there, CNN also reported. And Brownsville has the largest migrant children's center in the U.S., with 1,469 boys.

When the letter said "River Bend," it left out "River Bend Resort and Golf Club." Apparently a fence isn’t wanted near those who live by the course.

Dell Erickson


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