Reader's View: Support Minnesotans by supporting Line 3

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In trying times like these, you would think local governments would try to work together to get things done. The fact of the matter is, they can’t — or they won’t. The gridlock in our state house is at an all-time high, and neither side seems willing to concede anything to the other. You would think they would care more about the people than these political chess matches; but for the most part, that’s not the case. Minnesota needs jobs more than ever — as well as the hope that things can get better. As we struggle with COVID19, the changes it has forced upon us have left too many of our businesses to drop like flies, with more people applying for unemployment every day.

State agencies like the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission suggest that we start using utilities projects to put people to work. What is so brilliant about this idea is there is a project that would provide several thousand jobs, pump more than $2 billion into Minnesota, and ensure the safe transportation of oil to our state. This is the Line 3 Replacement Project.

The only problem with this project is the unnecessary delays due to political agendas.

The thing politicians need to realize is putting Minnesotans to work is more important than their political beliefs. The survival of our state economy should be the No. 1 concern of anyone in any seat of power in Minnesota right now. Line 3 will ensure that our economy stays afloat for quite some time. Saying yes to Line 3 is the state saying they care about its people. Let’s get started on construction and get Line 3 built.

Dave Langfeld



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