Reader's View: Students stuck with loads of questions

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I understand the need to look into what is going to happen with COVID-19 before deciding major plans about schools being canceled through the rest of the year. Canceling the schools until May was a good idea for the safety of our health, but I do have a couple questions.

What is going to happen for high school seniors like me? Are we going to be able to have a graduation ceremony and be able to say we made it through high school? What will happen if the decision is to not let students return in May?

I know it’s a waiting game and a lot is up to the governor, but a lot of things have been canceled already for high schoolers. Prom and all the dances have been canceled. Spring sports for the whole school has been canceled. More importantly for seniors was that they had something to look forward to for the rest of the school year, and that has been canceled.

Yes, school is important, and it’s a good thing classes are being transferred to online, but schools are not only where kids get all their education, schools are also where a lot of kids get their social time with friends.

A lot of kids like me also have things they get help with through the school. For example, a lot of kids are on individualized education programs to help them get their work done. What happens to help those kids who need that help? The Duluth public schools have been very helpful to kids who need that. Case managers are keeping very close contact with those students as best as they can.


Mary KizerBolts


The writer is a senior at Duluth Denfeld High School.

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