Reader's View: Stowe classroom volunteer impresses

Over the past four years, she has given a total of 4,200 hours to help students succeed!

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April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month, and I’m writing today to celebrate someone who has spent the last four years supporting preschool students at Stowe Elementary. As an AmeriCorps member with Early Learning Corps, Kobreina Carlson has focused on providing students with extra care, practice, and support to help build their skills at school. Over the past four years, she has given a total of 4,200 hours to help students succeed!

Kobreina is part of a prekindergarten classroom where they spend their days talking, reading, writing, singing, and playing to help students develop early literacy and math skills. With Kobreina providing extra support, we’ve seen wonderful student growth. I especially have enjoyed watching her build strong relationships with the children she serves and gain a good understanding of their individual needs.

The past few years in education have been challenging, and even though Kobreina had children of her own to support through the ever-changing schedules, she stuck with the AmeriCorps program. For that I am especially thankful.

I couldn’t let April pass without acknowledging Kobreina and all she has done to support our students. As Kobreina moves on to her next adventure this summer, we’ll have big shoes to fill in the fall.

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Jen Jaros


The writer is an early childhood family education coordinator in the Duluth Public Schools and an internal coach for AmeriCorps Early Learning Tutors in the district’s early-childhood programs.

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