Reader's View: Stop lying to children

From the letter: "Society is punishing itself by embracing and forwarding falsehoods."

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Is anyone else troubled that conversations surrounding mental health seem to be expanding into absolutely every part of our American culture? Anxiety, depression, addiction, and compulsive behaviors are just a handful of issues facing our culture. Has it always been this way? Maybe.

Two things can be true at once: Many people need access to a variety of mental health services, including medication, to cope with a slew of modern-day maladies. Conversely, many of today’s issues are brought on by America’s willingness to adopt as normal that which is not. There are so many angles to the root of this problem (and any cure) that no one writing can cover it. Even so, a small effort will be made here.

Collectively, as a country, we must stop lying to children. The most storied lie told to kids is that of Santa Claus and all the magical things that go along with him, which (mostly) seems innocuous. The difference between that and more recent tales told to the young these days is this: We expect kids to come around to the truth once they are grown, because then it is easier to see that St. Nick is a fantasy.

We fail children, hard, when we teach them that men can be women and vice versa.

Minnesota’s 2023 “Woman of the Year,” named so by USA Today, is a transgender person elected to the state House. Not only is this honor damaging, it is an affront to women everywhere and to their shot at equal rights.


Society is punishing itself by embracing and forwarding falsehoods. Children cannot be expected to develop well or in a good mental state while mistruths are forced upon them.

Stop the madness; tell the truth.

Cal Warwas

Clinton Township

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