Reader's View: Stauber shares goal of working together

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It’s no secret we are living in politically divisive times with a level of contempt between the two major parties that many of us have not experienced in our lifetime. As state coordinator for Better Angels, an organization seeking to counteract political polarization, I want to commend U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber for being among a small group of members of Congress working cooperatively across the aisle — instead of just throwing darts across the aisle.

We in Better Angels are aware that Rep. Stauber is a member of the Problem Solving Caucus, a bipartisan group of House members whose purpose is to solve problems by finding common ground. We know he has Democratic cosponsors for nearly all the bills he has introduced. And Rep. Stauber has expressed interest in working with Better Angels to further facilitate bipartisanship within the House of Representatives. Along with several other members of Congress from both parties, he is high on our list of partners for reducing toxic political polarization and restoring a sense that “we the people” can get things done for our country.

Pat DeVries



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