Reader's View: Stauber, please provide proof of election fraud

I ask Stauber what proof he’s aware of to substantiate Trump’s claims that election fraud robbed him of the presidency.

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Today, 69% of Republicans believe former President Donald Trump’s assertion that election fraud robbed him of the 2020 election. What evidence exists to confirm his claim?

He and his attorneys and supporters filed and lost more than 60 lawsuits challenging the election, mostly for lack of evidence. Election officials across the country, both Republican and Democrat, supported by the former president’s own national intelligence and cybersecurity agencies, assured the electorate that the 2020 election was safe. Recounts and audits of contested swing states proved time and again fraud wasn’t a factor in Trump’s loss. U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who authorized attorneys across the country to investigate, said he found nothing that affected the election’s outcome. Barr referred to Trump’s claim as “BS.” Associated conspiracies have proven false.

There’s no evidence or proof to support Trump’s claims. Think about that. Shouldn’t this total lack of proof trigger something within us? Or are we so blinded by partisanship that evidence, facts, or science hold no relevance?

We all gravitate toward theories that support our beliefs and are critical of facts that challenge our views. But there are times when the preponderance of evidence and facts, or lack of, overwhelms our deeply held views, and common sense compels us to accept the truth. Trump’s election claim is one of these moments.

But that’s my interpretation. Let’s have someone weigh in who we should trust. Not only is U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber our congressman, he’s a former police officer dedicated to truth while living by the significance of facts and evidence called proof.


I ask Stauber what proof he’s aware of to substantiate Trump’s claims that election fraud robbed him of the presidency. To understand the truth, we need the proof — and just proof. What does Stauber say?

Michael Ribich

Grand Rapids

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