Reader's View: Stauber, GOP have gone crisis crazy

This false, mindless, simplistic nonsense seems to suit the vacuous congressman very well.

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Congressman Pete Stauber seems to like making up crises to blame on President Joe Biden.

In April, he introduced us to the mineral-production crisis and reminded us of the energy crisis.

The immigration crisis seems to be a Stauber favorite, in spite of Biden’s attempts to end the Republican practices of keeping immigrants in pens and separating immigrant families.

He adds on the COVID-19 crisis and the vaccination-mandates crisis, though COVID-19 was horribly mismanaged by the incompetent administration of President Donald Trump, and the vaccinations are a triumph of medical science. Vaccines are responsible for saving innumerable lives, and Republican opposition to vaccines is responsible for much larger numbers of dead Americans in the pandemic than there should have been.

Then there are the inflation, crime, and drug-overdose crises and the crisis caused by Biden providing money to regular people to help them weather the pandemic. The latter seems to horrify Republicans, Stauber included. They say it violates the laws of their economics, which apparently mandates that the government must always and everywhere divert the wealth of our nation to the rich.


So many crises! One imagines that if five or six people in the U.S. were to develop a pimple on their duff, Stauber would promptly declare it “Biden’s butt crisis.”

This false, mindless, simplistic nonsense seems to suit the vacuous congressman very well. The rest of us must be serious about it because the biggest crisis is that he and his fellow Republicans, having failed on the first try, seem intent on wrecking our democracy in 2024. That’s worth fighting against, no?

Alan Peterson


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