Reader's View: Stauber failed to protect all citizens

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When does compassion and the betterment of society come into play with our elected leaders? As a leader and member of the U.S. House, Rep. Pete Stauber’s actions — or inactions — speak a thousand words.

With the pandemic raging, what has Stauber done to act as a leader to help prevent this tragedy? Stauber failed as a leader when he attended possible superspreader events in Duluth and Hibbing with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and by not always wearing a mask, social distancing, or insisting Pence and Trump adhere to state guidelines. By attending these rallies, his actions spoke volumes in telling citizens there is no need to follow state pandemic guidelines and no need to care about the health of your fellow citizens. He knowingly participated in disobeying guidelines set to protect Minnesotans. Where was his decency to protect his fellow citizens?

This pandemic is a once-in-a lifetime event and requires once-in-a-lifetime action to protect society. Stauber’s actions and failure to speak up set a bad example.

Stauber’s inaction and complacency in following pandemic guidelines, promoting mask-wearing, and avoiding large gatherings caused harm to Minnesotans. Being a leader, regardless of political affiliation, requires an ability to do the right thing and set an example in protecting the people he represents.

Now is the time for leaders to stand up and set an example to get all of us through this pandemic. Unfortunately, Minnesotans have paid and will continue to pay a heavy price for his inaction.


Jeff Johnson


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