Reader's View: Stauber disrespected election workers

He disrespected our American voting system when he signed that lawsuit.

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I am deeply troubled by Rep. Pete Stauber’s decision, made as representative of my congressional district, to sign onto a seditious lawsuit by the attorney general of Texas (“ Stauber joins bid to invalidate millions of votes, overturn election ,” Dec. 11).

This did not reflect “our way of life,” of which he often speaks.

Northland citizens are hard-working people who believe in fairness. This lawsuit sought to deny thousands of voters their legal say. He disrespected our American voting system when he signed that lawsuit. It’s very sad to see him sell out the citizens of his district in apparent appeasement of one man’s ridiculous tantrum. It’s dangerous to imply that several states, where hundreds of districts combine to count and verify votes, were compromised and committed organized fraud.

Stauber himself was elected but doesn’t seem to know the beauty of our election system or the checks and balances applied. His decision spit on all the volunteers and patriotic citizens who man polls, count votes, verify voters and votes, and register voters — year after year.

Perhaps he should resign now. He is no patriot, and when I see him with that flag mask over his face, I see him spitting on the flag.


Kelly Boedigheimer


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