Reader's View: Stauber can choose cowardice or courage

Stauber should denounce and distance himself from 45.

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District 8 Congressperson Pete Stauber owes constituents an apology for his general silence regarding multiple potential felonies, corruption, amorality, and racism (to name a few offenses) of President Donald Trump, aka “45.” Stauber should denounce and distance himself from 45. His silence is political cowardice and hypocritical, and it betrays the four oaths he took to uphold the rule of law and protect the U.S. Constitution as a police officer, city councilor, county commissioner, and U.S. representative. I fear Stauber may be politically corrupted.

On July 17 he said, “We must continue to uphold the integrity of U.S. elections without any interference and take swift action in response to any attacks on our democracy."

Yet his silence was deafening regarding 45’s attempt to “find 11,780 votes” in the Georgia election and demand political loyalty from Vice President Mike Pence. Stauber signed an amicus brief supporting a Texas lawsuit to disenfranchise 2020 presidential votes in four states. Despite his implied oath to protect and to serve, he supported 45’s rallies, risking the spread of COVID-19, which is destined to kill a projected 450,000 Americans.

Why the silence and betrayal of his oaths? Guesses include that Stauber is afraid of upsetting tweet-trashing 45, losing support from the Republican Party, and getting “primaried.” That, to me, is political cowardice. Stauber may enjoy the taste of corrupted political power gained from keeping one’s mouth shut despite knowledge of 45’s egregious shortcomings. Maybe he’s inherently weak in character or afraid to be a leader of all constituents.

Stauber’s election numbers were strong. Why would he be afraid of losing the 8th? My guess is if he made a public apology and denunciation, some would understand. He might even pick up Democratic votes.


Character matters. Will Stauber pick cowardice or courage?

Paul Deaner

Crystal Bay Township, Minnesota

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