Reader's View: State surplus is taxpayers’ money, not Walz’s

It’s the taxpayers’ money.

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Why is Gov. Tim Walz touting “Walz checks” for Minnesotans as part of his proposal for spending the state’s $9.2 billion budget surplus? The money is “our” money. It’s the taxpayers’ money.

For him to take credit and to act like he’s really giving us something special is forgetting how much everything has gone up in price and how much more we have to spend now. Taxes, food, gas, and fuel oil are just a few examples. I just got 150 gallons of fuel oil at $4.95 a gallon; the bill came to more than $700. What the heck?! It made me literally sick to my stomach!

The way property taxes keep going up, I may not be able to stay in my home.

So, Gov. Walz, I ask you to rethink the amounts you have proposed for direct payments to Minnesotans. Single people get less than a married couple? That’s not really fair, because we don’t get the extra income. Give everyone the same, except those who don’t pay certain taxes.

No more money going to the schools, either!


Cindy Kilman


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