Reader's View: So this is how Duluth will close Lester

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Wow, you might not be a golfer in this city, but chances are good if you are a citizen of Duluth you know somebody who golfs. I heard from three people already who are Duluth golfers that not opening the Lester Park Golf Course this year will put a lot more people on the Enger Park Golf Course. Social distancing will become a problem there. Give it a month or so; it will be very busy at Enger — just about the time COVID-19 really takes its toll on Duluthians.

When businesses big and small are doing all they can to practice social distancing, the city is putting us all at risk by closing Lester golf.

To save $150,000?! Expenditures for the city in 2019 were more than $305 million. That means Duluth spends nearly $863,000 a day. I don’t like our citizens' health being put at risk for that.

It almost seems like the city found its path to shut down the Lester Park Golf Course, probably forever, as it will “cost too much” to get it back into playing shape for 2021.

Whether you think the course should be shuttered or not, this is not the way the proper city government should be about doing it.


Tim McEvoy


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