Reader's View: Snow tires in Duluth: let’s make it law

A lot of countries in the world require snow tires during winter months: Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, to name a few.

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The city of Duluth, like many other cities in snow-prone regions, faces the challenge of managing its roadways during winter. A snow-rated tire mandate can play a significant role in addressing this challenge while also having a positive impact on the environment. It would help to promote a safer, more sustainable, and more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly environment in winter conditions.

A lot of countries in the world require snow tires during winter months: Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, to name a few.

Snow-rated tires provide better traction and stability in winter weather, reducing the risk of accidents and improving road safety. They also help to reduce the amount of salt and other deicing chemicals used on roads, which are harmful to the environment and can contribute to water pollution.

To enforce this mandate, the city could consider several options, such as requiring proof of snow-rated tires when registering a vehicle, conducting regular spot checks, or offering incentives for compliance. A phased-in approach, with education and outreach efforts, could be implemented to ensure a smooth transition.

In addition to improving road safety, a snow-rated tire mandate would also provide the city with the flexibility to allocate more resources toward clearing sidewalks and other pedestrian infrastructure while making the city more accessible and enjoyable for all residents, regardless of their mode of transportation.


By requiring snow-rated tires, the city of Duluth would demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, safety, and accessibility while also setting a positive example for other cities in the region. The benefits of this mandate would extend far beyond winter months, creating a safer and more liveable city for all residents year-round.

Yauhen Karatai


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