Reader's View: Similar accidents lead to far different results

On Jan. 25, 2020, a similar accident occurred on 28th and Elmira in Superior.

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On Feb. 19, 2022, a Superior Police officer unknowingly hit a man lying in the road, and the Douglas County District Attorney’s office determined charges should not be filed. The Superior Police officer acknowledged he hit something, looked in his side mirror, didn't see anything, and continued on. Footage, according to the Superior Telegram , showed that the officer in the police car "appears to hit or run over something causing a noise and causing the squad car to bounce.”

On Jan. 25, 2020, a similar accident occurred on 28th and Elmira in Superior. A Duluth man said he hit something, looked in his mirror, did not see anything, and continued on his way. When he read in the newspaper about a hit-and-run at that particular spot, he made arrangements to turn himself over to the Superior Police Department.

Both incidents were apparent accidents and unintentional. Both men stepped forward to accept responsibility. Both victims were seriously hurt. The county district attorney’s office was the prosecutor for both accidents.

So, why this letter? The Superior Police officer was absolved of wrongdoing. The Duluth man, however, was incarcerated and, when released, placed on an ankle bracelet. He also was charged with a felony and was given probation for one year.

Anything wrong with this picture?


Josephine Hoem


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