Reader's View: Republican senators lacked impartiality

Where was that impartiality when Republican senators met with the defense team while the case was still being presented?

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As I watched the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, I came to realize the Republican Party was, in this case, a joke.

During an impeachment case, the Senate acts as jury. It is responsible for deciding the guilt of the accused — in this case, Trump. The Senate swears an oath to “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.”

Where was that impartiality when Republican senators met with the defense team while the case was still being presented? That sure didn’t look like impartiality.

Or how about those senators who said they had made up their mind before the trial to acquit Trump? They hadn’t heard any evidence, and they stated that there was nothing they could hear that would change their minds? Really? Nothing? Was that keeping an open mind? Was that being impartial? In what other court would conduct like that be acceptable? And they did it out in the open, almost bragging about it. They shoved it right in our faces that they apparently don’t care about the process to which they swore an oath.

Why? I suspect it was because they knew there would be no consequences for their actions, that no one would hold them accountable. It was sad to see our government acting this way. We should have higher standards for our elected officials. Because if we don’t, this is what we get.


Martin Jobin


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