Reader's View: Remove masks, let virus die on its own

Stop punishing people who know the truth about vaccines and are trying to protect themselves and their children, which Fauci seems to not care about.

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Jesus said, "(I came) into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth."

The Jan. 1 story, “Will this pandemic ever end? Here’s what happened with the last ones," should have probed deeper into why the pandemic worsened once vaccinating began. It seems obvious vaccines fueled the delta and omicron variants.

In 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci reassured us COVID-19 deaths were among mainly seniors and the immunocompromised. These deaths actually decreased — until vaccinated people started spreading delta, causing an increase in cases in 2021.

We were told omicron is milder but spreads rapidly. It’s now in every state. Surely, most will get it. So I say stop jabbing more vaccines into people. I say remove masks and let the virus die on its own. Stop punishing people who know the truth about vaccines and are trying to protect themselves and their children, which Fauci seems to not care about.

Experienced licensed doctors — including Dr.Harvey Risch of Yale and Dr. Lee Merritt, a back surgeon — have been interviewed by Fox News,, and Daystar Television hosts and are against vaccine mandates. They argue the vaccines are unsafe. They warn about spike proteins, which CNN, the News Tribune, and others rarely discuss.


In 2020, my family and I knew no one with COVID-19. In November 2021, at 72, I and all my family got it, we suspect from the only vaccinated family member. We now know of others who tested positive for COVID-19 who also were vaccinated.

Whoopie Goldberg, a host of TV’s “The View," received three vaccinations and tested positive. At least one other host also tested positive. Co-host Joy Behar said that last year we knew no one with COVID-19 but that now it seems it's everyone. She probably wasn’t supposed to say that. It seemed to slip out. The truth tends to do that.

Rosemarie Mitchell


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