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Reader's View: Remove bike lane until construction ends

Now, with the bike lane installed (which very few use), when the bus stops, which it does frequently, all traffic comes to a standstill.

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I work by the intersection of Garfield Avenue and Superior Street. If you have not been through there lately, try in the morning or afternoon during rush hour. It seems the bike lane was put in at the same time as bridges were closed for construction work, so now there are major backups on Superior Street, Piedmont Avenue, and Garfield Avenue all the way to 24th Avenue West.

That’s because the bike lane means that when a bus stops, all traffic stops.

For many, many years before the bike lane (which is rarely used), traffic kept moving past the buses that pulled over to pick up or drop off customers. But now, with the bike lane installed (which very few use), when the bus stops, which it does frequently, all traffic comes to a standstill.

If possible, can the bike lane be removed until the bridges are reopened? Believe me, my office window overlooks Superior Street, and only a handful use the bike lane. I have seen cars pull into the bike lane, thinking it’s a lane for cars, only to be surprised that it's not.

Please, city planners, until the bridges are back up and used for traffic, let's remove the bike lane!


Rolf Fure


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