Reader's View: Reject Democrats when they go too far

We truly are witnessing Democratic policies regressing to a harmful and hurtful place.

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The Democrats have gone too far with their socialist policies of government, attempting to provide all things, it seems, to all people.

How else have Democrats gone too far? Many Democrats push for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy and even after the child is born. Their promotion of the unscientific attempts to make a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy and their same-sex marriage beliefs were heretofore unprecedented and unknown in the civilized world. And their desire to cancel speech and people they do not approve of is another way Democrats go too far.

The radicalized, weaponized, far-left Democratic Party sometimes seems off the rails. Some crazy Democratic plans are progressively regressive, including rejecting God and embracing secular, program, and pre-civilization. We truly are witnessing Democratic policies regressing to a harmful and hurtful place.

Let’s reject the Democrats’ beliefs of death over life, craziness over normalcy, and government control over free speech.

Gregg Schweiger



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