Reader's View: Racism must continue to be faced down

We must hang in there when facing white supremacy

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This presidential election was about God-fearing Americans deciding which one two poor choices would be in charge of the ongoing destruction of planet Earth via militarism and capitalism for the next four years.

Before the coronavirus hit, President Donald Trump came to Minneapolis and had a rally at the Target Center. He attacked Somali-Americans for simply being Somali-American. It was blatant racism, and the mature adults in the crowd, steeped in exceptionalism, seemed to enjoy it. Trump made similar comments at a rally in Duluth, and the adults in that crowd, with all their positive feelings of self-worth, appeared to love it.

If this type of blatant racism being done by a president right out in open was not enough to more-decisively force Trump out to pasture, then those of us who have some heart, mind, and soul left need to be very afraid.

Are Trump supporters in Minnesota aware that the only thing that makes them “better” than their fellow Somali -American citizens is a slight variation in the thin layer of cells between the two main layers of skin that form melanin pigment that controls skin color?

Those of us who see this for what it really is — full-blown white supremacy — just need to hang in there. We will face it down.


Frank Erickson


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