Reader's View: Powless ‘cared about everyone

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Dr. Bob Powless is gone (“ Robert Powless, who led Native American housing effort in Duluth, dead at 87 ,” April 29). What a loss.

Bob went to many events with me. We went to American Indian events, Juneteenth, and gay pride. He didn’t care about a person’s color or sexual orientation. He loved all people, and that is how he taught his students. He had my home phone number, so he would call me to remind me of events.

My favorite Bob Powless story: He told me his grandson Key always wanted to go on the Aerial Lift Bridge. I took them up. I told the guys to let Key run the controls. There isn’t any steering involved, but Key took us up and down. In the middle of the ride, Bob went to Key and said, “I need to talk to you.” Key said, “Grandpa, can’t you see? I am driving!”

I will miss Dr. Bob. He cared about everyone.

Herb Bergson



The writer was mayor of Duluth from 2004 until 2008, after serving two terms as mayor of Superior.

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