Reader's View: Plowed snow covering hydrants, sidewalks

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The News Tribune reported on Feb. 1 that the city wants us to clear snow away from gas meters and appliance vents. After a call to the water and gas, I can tell you that fire hydrants also are included.

We the public would help, but we have a battle with plow drivers who I suspect are instructed by supervisors to push snow as far back from the roadsides as possible, which covers fire hydrants and sidewalks. I wonder if they’re told not to sand so water and gas employees aren’t able to get around.

On a different topic, I see a new battle has begun over education. The people in charge think they are the kings of the roost. We pay their wages. Maybe it’s time for them to retire or do their job to serve the public — and not to try to anger the public.

Wallace Newquist



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