Reader's View: Payroll tax cut won’t help the people

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A payroll tax cut — or cutting taxes, as is being insisted on by President Donald Trump — does not help the people who need help the most. It only helps businesses which have remaining employees and the employees lucky enough to still be working. Cutting payroll taxes will only further exhaust Social Security for retirement when Social Security should be shored up.

I don’t understand why Republicans are so intent on harming and cutting Social Security. Businesses have received billions in tax cuts, which many gave to investors and CEOs. Only when it is time to help the common person are deficits and government- affordability issues raised.

I don’t understand why anyone wants to cripple or cut back on Social Security when people have worked so hard and long to have at least a floor so retirees can live decently.

No one needs the kind of money the government seeks to protect for the wealthy. Trump wants to make meals and travel deductions for businesses. How does that help anyone except the wealthy? Are we back to trickle-down economics?

Mostly everyone works really hard to eke out a living. Not supporting the people in need is not acceptable. To take away Social Security by further stressing its fund through a payroll tax cut is a bad idea. It doesn’t help the people who need help and hurts all of us in the future who wish to retire.


Are we going back to a pre-New Deal time where people are sick, hungry, and homeless because government is more concerned with the robber barons than the rest of us? It surely seems so! I hope people realize this soon so we can stop this help to the corporations, CEOs, millionaires, and billionaires. They don’t need it; ordinary people do.

Susan Ginsburg


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