Reader's View: Partners making a difference for tourist train

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“Safety” is never an overworked term, especially when dealing with the public. Before our world changed, the North Shore Scenic Railroad safely welcomed more than 100,000 guests/passengers a year for fun and educational train rides. We plan to resume operations later this summer.

This year, to improve our culture of safety, we decided to move from one set of train-operating rules to another, both accepted as industry standards. The problem with any drastic change such as this is cost. As a nonprofit volunteer operation, the North Shore Scenic Railroad needed safety-minded partners to support the investment. Enbridge and Canadian National Railroad stepped forward.

We needed new rule books, time tables, training aids, PowerPoint presentations, demonstration videos, online testing, and the purchase of new safety equipment compliant with USOR guidelines. Fortunately, our two partners on this project share our commitment to safety. Canadian National Railway gave us some direction with our USOR training program. The money to pay for the rules changeover came from a Safe Community Grant from Enbridge. It recognized our need and supported the transition with a generous grant that funded 100% of the costs.

The North Shore Scenic Railroad and its parent company, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, enjoy great relations with many community-minded companies and individuals, and we appreciate every one of them. This was just the latest example of the kind of support here in our area that makes a difference. We are very grateful.

Ken Buehler



The writer is executive director of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and general manager of the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

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