Reader's View: Our country is being destroyed from within

Those on the radical left have taken over the Democratic Party.

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Wealthy people and too many of our politicians are hungry for money and power. They lack the moral foundation our Constitution requires. A moral foundation comes from obeying God and reading the Bible.

Those on the radical left have taken over the Democratic Party. They seem out of touch with and have no respect for the American people. They seem to hate conservatives, and they seem to want to control us all. Many of them hate President Donald Trump and all Republicans. They are poor money managers. They overspend. For example, the Green New Deal is unrealistic. They tend to be self-centered and insist on their own way.

Our country has been blessed for many years. We need to return to God if we are to survive.

We need term limits for Congress. We also need a retirement age of 70. We are being ruled by elderly people who live in mansions. We need to greatly reduce the size of the bills that Congress passes. Each item should be voted on separately.

Censorship has no place in a democracy. It is lying to people.


We need a government we can trust and respect. We need government agencies that are moral and honest. We need to elect competent people who want what is best for our country.

We need to control our border. Our country needs to provide opportunities for all citizens.

We need voter ID. We need to eliminate ballot harvesting and ballot drop boxes. Elections should not be determined by who has the most money. Instead of spending so much on elections, we should be finding housing for the homeless and the mentally ill.

Caroline Burley



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