Reader's View: No matter who wins, nothing is over

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One might’ve suspected liberal leftist lunacy propped up by biased, big-tech media since 2016 seemed to be a cover for something worse. Considering the emergent Democrat Communist Party’s concept of good and bad and its perception of who’s lying and who’s not being defined by the likes of a biased mainstream media, social media, and other elitists the past six years, Americans now know the enemy within.

The perfidious Washington political mob, afraid their malfeasance against the American people will be discovered, glows in the dark. Its taxpayer-funded gravy trains are about to end; it’s been one attack, fiasco, or crisis after another while planning the next sham.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden (made in China) enabled the Russian hoax against the legitimately elected President Donald Trump. Some Democratic-controlled cities attacked law enforcement. Many Congressional Democratic leaders have promised to bastardize the Supreme Court and rescind Second Amendment rights.

It will be interesting to see if election fraud occurred as the legal battles play out. In any event, President-elect Biden’s disingenuous claim that this is "going to be a time for healing" forgets liberal-leftists, enabled by former President Barack Hussein Obama trying to prop up Biden while lecturing Americans about “coming together,” yelling “Resist!” for five years. Healing is not going to just happen.

Resolving the Bush-Gore election fiasco took 37 days. This time, no matter who wins, nothing is over.


Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

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