Reader's View: Never erase that good, truth matter

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Who is ripping up the integrity of the USA in the eyes of the world? Who is ripping up what has been lawful? Who is ripping up honesty? Who is ripping babies from their parents' arms? Who is ripping up the oath made to defend our Constitution? Who is ripping up the hopes of the next generation? Who is ripping up the reputations of honored public servants? Who is ripping off the sacrifices of thousands of military who have lost their lives? Who has ripped up the will of good people to speak up against evil? Who has ripped off the poor to give to the rich? Who has ripped millions of dollars from taxpayers for his own interests? Who has ripped up decency as a model behavior? Who is ripping up public education? Who has ripped up speaking the truth? Who is ripping up the hopes of migrants fleeing from oppressive governments? Who has ripped up the freedom of information? Who has disgraced honored heroes? Who would silence free press?

Yet, “good and truth matter” can never be erased.

Barbara Bowling



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