Reader's View: More oversight needed of assisted suicide

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After reading the Aug. 31 column at, “ We’ve denied assisted suicide for good reason ,” I have to say that it is timely that we address the pitfalls of Oregon-type death laws.

Mandated falsifications of death certificates skews the public medical database unnecessarily.

The realization that induced premature deaths are not peaceful nor rapid 25% to 72% of the time, quantified in a study by assisted-suicide trends expert William Gallerizzo, is a call for amendments. These amendments can ban the use of drugs deemed cruel for death row for official assisted suicides, where applicable, and for unofficial hastened deaths. That would stir the backwaters of stealth euthanasia currently escaping scrutiny.

There are other amendments needed, like providing for a witness to the self-administration. As it is, with no oversight, 17% to 21% of subjects experienced forced premature deaths to satisfy facilitators.

These amendments would bring much-needed transparency to the administration of the public policy.


Bradley Williams

Hamilton, Montana

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