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Reader's View: More of us need a shot in the arm

We have the solution, literally, within arm’s length.

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We should be deeply concerned about the current surge in positive cases of COVID-19. Luckily, people are not dying as often from the latest variant of this dreaded disease as they were in previous outbreaks. But they are getting infected and overwhelming the health industry — again.

This will continue to happen time and again until more Americans get vaccinated and herd immunity can be achieved. If you are patriotic, do this for your country. If you are religious, do this for the Golden Rule. If you have common sense, do it for the common good.

Medical science has provided us with a working vaccine. The U.S. government has given it to us free of charge. We have the solution, literally, within arm’s length. It’s our turn to help our fellow human beings. Be patriotic and do what’s morally right: Be unselfish.

Bud Brand



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