Reader's View: Minn. should never have been shut down

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In January, President Donald Trump banned travel from China, and Democrats went off the deep end, condemning Trump for xenophobia. On Feb. 5, when the Democrats were voting to impeach the president, Trump was producing a blueprint to combat the coronavirus. In the early going it was obvious the Democrats were clueless and oblivious to the virus issue.

Now these same Democrats have stepped back through the looking glass and claim Trump had a late response to the virus. It’s a dopey argument. Trump is on the money saying that Democrat governors are dragging their heels opening up the economy.

Many Democrats would take down the country if it meant taking down Trump. Look at our own state. The latest numbers I have on COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota was 869 on May 24, and 709 (80%) of those occurred in long-term facilities such as nursing homes; the average age: 83. Not exactly the age group that frequents bars, gyms, or hair salons.

We never had a virus problem in Minnesota; we have a nursing home problem. We also have a governor problem. This state should never have been shut down in the first place.

It’s time for the governor to own up to his blunder, quit playing politics with Trump, cut the losses, and get back to work. It's pretty easy to tell someone to stay home when you have a job and a steady income.


Larry Hendrickson


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