Reader's View: Methane leakage worse than greenhouse gas

Ethanol production wastes 99% of all the solar energy that falls on a cornfield.

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This is in response to the Feb. 2 “Statewide View” column, “ Carbon capture may help unlock an economic boom in Minnesota .”

Ethanol production wastes 99% of all the solar energy that falls on a cornfield. Ethanol production also consumes subsidies from all Americans that dwarfs most other handouts. This is an ethanol scam.

Carbon-dioxide sequestration is also a scam, unless it is mineralized permanently, as Carbfix and at least one other company is doing. Methane production and leakage is even more important now because it's over 10 times worse a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It comes from wellhead/piping leaks, our agriculture (methane from cows/pigs, etc), and natural sources we're now warming (like tundra, seafloor deposits, etc.). Methane is now in positive feedback, as all leaks cause warming, which causes more leaks.

Farmers don't like hearing all this. Ma Nature, of course, doesn't care how silly we are.

Alex Cannara


Menlo Park, California

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