Reader's View: Mental health not all that needs addressing

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The weekend of Aug. 4 there were 31 people killed in mass shootings in this country — and once again there seems to be no action planned from our Congress. Have we grown so apathetic and inured to these frequent and horrifying events that we have no fight left in us?

The problem is that the power is in the hands of too few people, namely President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and the NRA. It is disheartening that the voices of the vast majority of the American people are not reflected in today’s legislation.

We can no longer accept the oft-repeated mantra that, “We need more mental health care.” That may be true, but there are other additional things to consider. One, there is no conceivable reason why any private citizen in this country should be able to have or own an assault weapon. They should be outlawed with the government able to buy them back if that would help the passage of a bill. The same with high-capacity clips. Two, pass “red flag” legislation. And three, expand background checks for all guns sold.

Our only choice for meaningful action seems to be to elect people who more closely resemble the moral choices that will protect us all. Please contact your representatives with your thoughts.

Mary Tomhave



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