Reader's View: Mask-free may be legal, but isn't right

From the letter: "Let’s glorify those who are working to slow the spread, not those spreading it."

Bulldogs fans watch the Minnesota Duluth-UMass game during a NCAA Frozen Four watch party at Hoops Brewing on Thursday, April 8, 2021. (Steve Kuchera /

How frustrating and disappointing to see on the front page of the News Tribune on April 9 a group of young, unmasked adults. I understand that what they were doing in a bar was “legal.” But was it right? (The photo of UMD hockey fans accompanied the story, “Pressure and pints: Fans cheer UMD through a close one.”)

And is it right to have, on the front page, an example of why the coronavirus is still spreading, why people are still being hospitalized, and why people are dying? Let’s glorify those who are working to slow the spread, not those spreading it.

Every time someone gets infected, it gives the virus a chance to mutate into something more dangerous than it currently is.

Please, wear a mask and get vaccinated.

Michelle Wegler



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