Reader's View: Many shoppers trying to follow new rules

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I commend the Whole Foods Co-op employee for speaking up and out in his May 14 “Local View” column in the News Tribune, headlined, “ Rules there for a reason; please work with us.” The column was the truth and our reality.

Big-box stores, some of them, have one way in and one way out. Aisles are marked in some stores and not in others. Reusable bags are allowed in some stores and not in others. After years of doing it right, now I’m wrong. Oops, turned down the wrong aisle again. Brought my reusable bags in what? When will I learn? It takes a long time for a 63-year-old to learn new habits.

I understand the frustration expressed in the column. Some folks do not take this disease seriously, and they should — for everyone’s sake.

I do not get to the Whole Foods Co-op as much as I used to. When I do, I’m usually buying deli, yogurt, and bagels and using cash.

I will promise to try and not go down an aisle the wrong way, to leave my own bags in the car, and to always have my mask on.


And the next time I come in, I’ll look for the column writer, give him a smile from behind my mask, and thank him for what he wrote and for a job well done.

Jane Kempton


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