Reader's View: Major parties messing with democracy

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I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. The parties don’t work together, as was shown again with the recent Supreme Court nominee and recent stimulus bill. Both instances proved it’s all about the party and not the people they are elected to represent.

They are messing with our democracy and don’t seem to care. If they followed the path they took, this would not be a problem, but because party comes first, we the citizens are losing.

I just wish we all would wake up and demand our elected officials do what they promised when taking their oaths of office. That is, doing what's right for the people of this country.

There are citizens in this country who are going hungry, are losing their homes, can’t pay their rent, and have no health insurance. Our elected officials collect their good wages, have great health benefits, have roofs over their heads, and don’t appear to be suffering in any way through this unsetting time.

The only bright spot in all of this: Nov. 3 brought a change for this country.


Dale Kempton


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