Reader's View: Look ahead to post-apocalypse normalcy

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What do churning guts tell us now? Doings lately seem a sadly tragic farce as told by a fevered, contagiously coughing jester.

A non-negotiable but not entirely unexpected natural biological force reached out and powerfully snapped the backbone of the world’s greatest economic superpower like a thin, dry twig. Oh, the humanity, the waste, the joblessness as our illusions of prosperity crumble to fluttering tatters and sparkly shards, then blow away in thick misinformation fogs.

In 1918, mortal screams, gunfire, and explosions unleashed on millions by a world at war were naught but a muffled military pop and squeak compared with the lethal, unstoppable toll taken by the worldwide viral pandemic of that time. Puzzled kids who survived remember asking parents, “Why do our neighbours lay so still and asleep on their front lawns?”

Greed Street is quiet lately, where every hedged wager is another gamed gamble on wild, blind risk. This game: not an easily figured bet for quick, easy profit. With most of the country’s wealth coming from imaginary leveraged derivative wormholes, everyone can only watch helplessly while it disappears — sucked back to the electronic ticker-tape void from whence it came.

We look forward to post-apocalypse normalcy as flim-flammers, vultures, vigilante ram-riders and carpetbaggers resume soliciting supplemental Medicare insurance as we’ve all become accustomed to by way of the familiar, nonstop robocalls our ineffectual, gridlocked Electoral-College government has been unable to control.


As beloved stars start dimly winking out, we gaze anew upon each other, those of us who survive, our eyes meeting grimly, sadly, but now with extra conviction to apply special leniency, grace, and giving. Far off is the faint musical tinkling of bells. That would be angels just getting their wings.

Have you helped someone today or tried contacting someone alone, afraid, or isolated?

Lars White


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