Reader's View: Local postal workers need our support

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Our friends and neighbors in our community who work for the United States Postal Service need our help.

President Donald Trump is showing again that his personal ambition to be re-elected is more important than the welfare of all us Americans. Trump and mega-donor-now-Postmaster General Louis DeJoy seem to be working to weaken the postal service to create an environment of election distrust. It seems clear that DeJoy’s agenda is to implement policies and defund investments to weaken the postal service’s ability to continue to excel. Service levels are already dropping.

Postal workers in our community have done and wish to continue to do their job delivering mail in a timely and predictable manner, including prescription drugs, checks that people require to live on, necessary goods, newspapers, family correspondence, and all other mail services we depend on every day. These workers are our neighbors. They live in our community. They contribute to our quality of life. And they contribute to our economy. They are good people who wish to do what is good for our community. They deserve and need our help.

Please support our neighbors. Call, write, or email your U.S. senators and congressional representatives to let them know you support your neighbors and that you want DeJoy to be accountable for working to destroy the U.S. Postal Service. Share on social media your support for postal workers.

Keith Steva



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