Reader's View: Level playing field has never existed in US

America’s white-supremacist history is being suppressed at the same time voter suppression is targeting mainly people of color, showing racism is alive and well.

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Some of the same people who want to “preserve history” in the form of Confederate monuments also want to eliminate teaching America’s racist history in schools. The raising of those monuments spiked during the Jim Crow era and again in the 1960s as efforts to glorify the Confederate cause in the Civil War. Like the Nazi swastika, Confederate monuments and battle flags symbolize the cause of white supremacists, including those who fought a war against the United States. If you want to preserve that history, place these objects in a museum of losers and traitors. Our previous president could be represented there as well.

Black Lives Matter is likely the largest social-justice movement in U.S. history, involving between 15 million and 21 million people. Only 3.7% of protests involved property damage, and most of the violence at protests was directed at protesters themselves, researchers at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, determined. A portion of it was committed by agents provocateurs. But, as with bigotry in general, millions of people are portrayed as being all alike. It’s easier than thinking.

What is the definition of “woke,” the word stigmatized by Fox News propagandists? The dictionary defines it as “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” Who, aside from white supremacists, would have a problem with that? But, like critical race theory, a legitimate subject taught mainly in grad schools, “woke” has become a hot-button term used to scare and divide people.

Many people work so hard for so little and want to believe what they’ve earned was earned on a level playing-field. But a level playing field has never existed. America’s white-supremacist history is being suppressed at the same time voter suppression is targeting mainly people of color, showing racism is alive and well.

David A. Sorensen



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