Reader's View: Letter promoted divisive hatred

I’m disappointed the News Tribune published such a letter.

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President Joe Biden’s actions have been treasonous, vaccines shouldn’t be trusted, and encouraging the use of quack remedies seems to be the preferred method for defeating COVID-19. Such were the views in the Oct. 25 letter, “ Democrats destroying our free country .”

In the 2020 election, Biden was elected president of the United States by a significant margin of the popular and electoral votes. On Jan. 6, Congress certified Biden’s victory in what the U.S. Department of Homeland Security called the most secure election in American history. At least 86 judges — nominated by Democrats and Republicans, including President Donald Trump, from the lowest level state courts to the U.S. Supreme Court — rejected lawsuits filed by Trump and his supporters contesting the election result. Yet there are people who have the audacity to claim, like the letter did, that Biden was fraudulently elected.

The letter was also clear about who should be listened to for medical advice concerning COVID-19 — not the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization but fringe activists such as Michael Lindell and Joni Lamb who have absolutely no medical qualifications to dispense such advice. Millions of onchocerciasis victims have benefited from the responsible use of ivermectin, yet there is absolutely no credible evidence of its efficacy with COVID-19.

I wonder if the letter writer supports the efforts of some local politicians suing to discard all mail-in ballots. What about the Capitol insurrectionists who brutally beat down the police? Is this a practical method to abolish our current government? Is the letter writer willing to participate and pay the price?

I’m disappointed the News Tribune published such a letter. Promoting diverse opinions is good for healthy debate and an informed readership, but giving credence to the Big Lie and pseudo-science only promotes divisive hatred.


James N. Bragge


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