Reader's View: It’s ‘a small price to pay’ for Duluth’s parks

The estimated cost of this for someone with a house valued at $200,000 is less than $2 a week.

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I am writing to encourage a yes vote for the Parks Fund levy question in the Nov. 8 election in Duluth.

The estimated cost of this for someone with a house valued at $200,000 is less than $2 a week. I personally feel like that is a small price to pay for maintaining the beautiful parks that make Duluth such a special place to live.

When the levy was initially established in 2011, it was at a fixed dollar amount that can never increase. This proposed levy would make it a fixed percentage of property value instead. The Parks Fund levy rate as a percentage of property value has actually gone down significantly since the creation of the Parks Fund.

If you value our parks and want to see them maintained, please vote yes for this levy.

Kathy Heltzer



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