Reader's View: Is the NRA a terrorist organization?

Evolution, being a slow process, the parasitic NRA has taken years to suck the soul from its followers and target new victims.

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It’s time to designate the NRA as a terrorist organization.

As a former science teacher I understand the concept of evolution. How the NRA has evolved from a reasonable organization dedicated to responsible and safe use of firearms to a morally corrupt political assemblage of weapons fanatics whose seemingly sole purpose is foisting their flawed interpretation of the Second amendment upon United States citizens.

How else to explain the remorseless convention of the NRA’s annual meeting in the same state as the mass shooting at Uvalde Elementary School only 3 days earlier?

Evolution, being a slow process, the parasitic NRA has taken years to suck the soul from its followers and target new victims. In the school where I taught, guns were once evident over 30 years ago, with two firearm suicide attempts; one deadly, the second not. Over the years, that community with care and concern helped keep firearm suicide recurrence supressed. But then with the occurrence of shootings at other schools increasing, the lockdown training started to require attention. A single secured entrance became standard. And with a great deal of disbelief, fear, nervous laughter and for me, anger, active shooter training was initiated. The early versions promoted hiding and/or fleeing. Then, the attack-the-shooter mode was incorporated as an optional response when hiding and/or fleeing was not safe. And now, in schools around the country, it has been suggested that teachers bear arms to protect their students. Your children. My grandchildren. And so the goals of the NRA have been met.

They have successfully promoted weapons use without limits or restrictions, proposed a solution that requires more weapons, and successfully paid-off spineless Republican pawns to oppose any and all restrictions on these Weapons of Mass Destruction. Terrorist organizations employ WMDs. The NRA is a terrorist organization.


Tom Diener


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