Reader's View: I hope the DNR dispatched the right bear

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The dispatching of a mother bear defending her three trapped cubs on the premise it might have been the bear that killed a domestic animal is totally unacceptable ( “Mother bear killed: Authorities unsure if same animal was responsible for Duluth Heights dog attacks ,” Oct. 8, News Tribune).

As a pet owner, I have great empathy for the family that lost its pet. But if it is proven the bear was not rabid and only defending her cubs, I believe this is a major miscarriage of the DNR’s mission.

I am a huge DNR supporter. Our family has returned to Duluth 55 of the past 60 years. In most of those years, I have purchased a nonresident seasonal fishing license to thank Minnesota for allowing me to use its facilities, even though our stay has been for only two weeks; and in many of those years, I didn’t fish. I am a founding member of Maine’s largest Trout Unlimited group and a member of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward. I am extremely proud of the great conservation work of DNR employees in every state.

This incident has the distinct possibility of being a very large black mark against the folks I treasure. But I couldn’t remain silent in this instance. I am hoping my ire is not misplaced but if the DNR comes up with a valid reason for its actions, I will immediately apologize and feel truly humbled by my mistrust of an otherwise superb department.


Bob Woodbury

Winslow, Maine

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